Match-three tile-matching game

The first cryptocurrency intex

The simple "match-three tile-matching game" is an interactive experience that is as expected a match-three tile-matching game. An interactive experience (or intex) produces an interactive proof of work. The Ecoin intex cryptocurrency uses interactive proofs of work in the consensus system to secure the block chain. All valid interactive proofs submitted to the block chain are used in the consensus system. A player is rewarded in Ecoin for all valid proofs submitted to the block chain.

Interactive proof of work solves the scaling problem of proof of work in cryptocurrency consensus systems by replacing "hashing" with intexes. Interactive proof of work is accessible to anyone who can play a casual game like Match-three using a common computer. There is no need for specialized computers. No interactive proof is wasted; no energy is wasted by computing a large number of hashes. Players already play games; little additional energy is required adapt game playing to secure the block chain. The intex allows a large community of diverse, competing interests to participate in and to secure the Ecoin block chain.


Match-three tile-matching game is free, open source software released using the GPL version 3 license.

Match-three tile-matching game is based on a match-three tile-matching game by <>

In addition to the Ecoin/intex software, this game uses the following resources: